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What does it mean to Believe in Your Heart?

Mark 9:23 (NKJV)
Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

In our Success Scripture last week, we said that creating the kind of life you want starts by speaking words out of a believing heart.  In Mark 11:23, Jesus said that you will have whatever you say if you believe it in your heart.  The saying part is not that difficult; just speak words that are in agreement with the outcomes you want to experience in your life.  The challenge now becomes: What does it mean to believe in your heart?

God’s Word must be in your mouth and in your heart if it is going to produce results in your life.  You are going to have whatever you believe in your heart and say with your mouth.  This is the formula for creating the kind of life you want.  Whatever the heart really believes, the mouth confesses.  This brings us to the question: What does it mean to believe in your heart?  I want to give you 3 answers to that question:

1.  To believe in your heart means to believe apart from your mind and your body.  Thinking is of the mind; believing is of the heart.  Believing in your heart means believing independent of what your five physical senses may indicate.

2.  To believe in your heart means “to live in accordance with.”  If you really believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, then you will live in accordance with who you are in Christ.  You will live in accordance with who you are, what you have, and what you can do because Jesus is alive today, and because God has identified you with Him.

3.  To believe in your heart means to act on God’s Word.  The word “believe” is an action verb.  Believing is the equivalent to taking action.  The purpose of believing and speaking is so that you can put God’s Word into practice.  Believing refers to practicing the Word of God.  Believing refers to taking action on the words that you have been speaking.  The real evidence of your belief is the way you act.

This article is an excerpt from the CD series Faith Works through Love.  When you order this series, I will include a Beyond Positive Thinking book as my way of saying “Thanks!” for supporting this ministry.  Click here to order!

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4 comments to What does it mean to Believe in Your Heart?

  • D. James Andersen

    I like the article, but how does “The purpose of believing and speaking is so that you can put God’s Word into practice.” work?

    If I am being attacked in my finances because my commissioned have dropped because my sales have dropped, how do I apply what you are saying. How do I put God’s word into practice?


  • Jim Collins

    Hi James,
    Believe is an action verb; it means “to take action”. You can put God’s Word into practice by making more and more sales calls. As you do, know that God is always doing something in your life that you cannot see. Simple, but not always easy. Keep your attitude of faith high!

  • Clint Davis

    I have always heard the saying”Follow your heart”Watch a good movie and and something terrible happens then it melts your heart.what do I do if it seems as though my heart tells me that I believe bad things are going to happen to me but I know in my mind the word of God says he has good things planned for me.I have heard that meditation on Gods word will help get it from your head to your heart so that you will eventually believe what God says and begins to really from a pure heart know that good things are coming to you.I also know that you can go to church for the rest of your life and come out of church the same way you walk in even if you do exactly what the bible tells you too because it is a heart issue!! If i believe (in my heart)against the word of God how can I align myself “IN my heart to believe, so that it will produce what the word says it would ,Because its the faith in your heart that works….I hope that makes sense…things of the spirit are hard to explain.I now know what paul of taursus went

  • Jim Collins

    I agree Clint; things of the spirit seem to be mysteries sometimes. The heart seems to be some combination of spirit and soul. The spiritual part of the believer has been changed from sin to righteousness. I think this is the part that God relates to. The soul is the part of the believer that we have the influence over. Therefore, we must address the beliefs of our own heart on an individual basis. The Holy Spirit will help us do this, and sometimes His help comes in the form of warnings and cautions that may seem to contradict what is written in God’s Word. Finally, focus on the new covenant and who you are in Christ because that is the way God is relating to the human race today. Hope this helps. Bless you, Jim

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